How is AI used in Industry?

What Sets Us Apart

AI for Industry

Object Detection, Object Tracking, Pose Estimation
and Text Extraction. Designer

An intuitive AI design tool.
End-to-end: from idea to production deployment.

Easy Deployment

We support deployment to cloud servers, local servers, mobile applications, and IoT Edge devices.

Free to Design

Free to annotate and train AI models.
Pay to deploy to production.

Quick start

Annotate a dataset in 5 minutes, train models in 1 hour, and deploy to production in 2 minutes.

24/7 Support

Here to support you as you start your AI journey

Our Products

AI Inspection for Production Lines

The offers a comprehensive IoT AI Inspection solution for manufacturing production lines. Each IoT device can receive independent AI training to inspect and count your products, and the central server application collects and stores data.

AI Text and Handwriting Extraction

The AI Text and Handwriting Extraction application allows users to digitize handwritten forms. provides an Android application that you can use to scan the form, which sends the form data to the server for real-time processing.

Case Studies

AB InBev

Industry: Beverage Manufacturing
AI: Object & Defect Detection
Replacing: Manual inspection of crates
Solution: IoT Edge devices


Industry: Carbon Offset
AI: Object Detection (satellite images)
Replacing: Manual counting of planted trees
Solution: Stand-alone application

Commercial Banks

Industry: Vehicle Reposession
AI: Vehicle Detection and ANPR
Replacing: $20,000 AI-enhanced vehicles
Solution: Mobile application (Android)

System Integrators

Industry: Manufacturing. Region: Southern Africa.


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