How is AI used in Industry?

Your AI journey with FirstStep.ai


FirstStep.ai Inspection

FirstStep.ai offers a comprehensive IoT AI Inspection solution for manufacturing production lines.

Collision Detection

FirstStep.ai Collision Detection tracks movement of people and vehicles to avoid collision, both indoors or outdoors.


Image Classification

The FirstStep.ai Image Classification application allows medical practitioners to classify medical images (e.g. X-Ray, MRI) to assist with diagnistics.

Handwriting & Text Extraction

FirstStep.ai Handwriting & Text Extraction allows clients to digitize handwritten forms, whether a COVID19 vaccination card, or an attendance register.


Vehicle Tracking

FirstStep.ai offers a comprehensive Vehicle Tracking solution for satellite, mobile, drone and IoT EDGE deployment.

Behaviour Detection

FirstStep.ai Behaviour Detection tracks and analyzes behavious of people, analysing everything from posture to what they are holding.

Real Estate & Heritage Sites

Real Estate

Advertise your property or AirBnB with a unique virtual 3D model. FirstStep.ai 3D reconstruction software generates 3D models from HD videos. No special cameras or LiDAR technology required.

Heritage Sites

Allow visitors to enjoy heritage sites virtually with a unique virtual 3D model. FirstStep.ai 3D reconstruction software generates 3D models from HD videos. No special cameras or LiDAR technology required.

Design Tools

FirstStep.ai Designer

The FirstStep.ai Designer is a web-based ML training platform, where you can rapidly train and deploy Machine Learning (ML) models. Designed for non-developers, and offering quick-time-to-value for clients.








Trained Models


Andoid Apps

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What Sets Us Apart?

Visual Artificial Intelligence

Object Detection, Object Tracking, Pose Estimation
and Text Extraction.

FirstStep.ai Designer

An intuitive web-basd AI design tool.
End-to-end: from idea to production deployment.

Easy Deployment

We support deployment to cloud servers, local servers, mobile applications, and IoT Edge devices.

Free to Design

Free to annotate and train AI models.
Pay to deploy to production.

Quick start

Annotate a dataset in 5 minutes, train models in 1 hour, and deploy to production in 2 minutes.

24/7 Support

Here to support you as you start your AI journey

Carl Cervone

COO, Enverits

FirstStep.ai offers an easy tool for organizations that want to improve their machine learning workflows.

Honjiswa Raba

Operations Manager, Numeric

"What previously took more than 1 hour minimum to complete, now takes less than 30 seconds.

Soumen S

Senior Data Scientist

The Designer is like "a hot knife through butter"

Our Partners

Product Partner
Hardware: NVIDIA® Jetson™ GPU Processors

Hardware Partner
Fanless Industrial Box PC
Jetson™ Nano & Xavier NX

AWS Technology Partner
On-demand cloud computing
Secure & scalable

System Integrator
Industry: Manufacturing
Region: Southern Africa

Implementation Partner
Industry: Healthcare
Region: Global


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